Our team worked on a wide range of projects including residential, commercial, public, and private sectors.

We focus on more than just visual appeal when designing your space; we consider the seasonal changes, the fragrance of plants, safety, and ease of maintenance in our planting designs, essentially tailoring each aspect to the unique requirements of the site and the project’s goals.​


In our private garden designs, we create personalised and intimate outdoor spaces that reflect the client's unique style and preferences. We carefully integrate these elements with the natural environment, using thoughtful plant selections and landscape features to create serene, private retreats. Our designs also focus on enhancing the sensory experience to enrich the garden's tranquillity and appeal.


Our approach to residential gardens combines aesthetic elegance with functional design. We specialise in creating vibrant, sustainable gardens that enhance the living environment and reflect the personal tastes of each homeowner. We ensure that every garden we design is a perfect blend of natural beauty and practicality, providing a peaceful and inviting outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.


This service uses animations and other visual tools to represent landscape designs. Our visual storytelling extends beyond simple renderings, incorporating interactive elements and detailed walkthroughs that allow clients to experience the space, fostering a deeper understanding and engagement with the design concept.


Landscape consultations offer expert advice and guidance on landscape design and planning in both private and commercial spaces. This service includes site analysis, concept development, and theming – with an added focus on sustainable practices and local environmental considerations – to ensure the success and marketability of the project.


Our design philosophy for playgrounds is to create safe, stimulating, and instructive outdoor play spaces that integrate seamlessly with the natural environment. We use natural resources, including wood and land shaping, and we tailor each playground to encourage physical activity, ensuring accessibility and a meaningful connection with nature for children.


Mari Cieciura

A landscape architect, experienced in both private and public landscape settings.


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